Choosing a Mortgage Professional

As a Mortgage Professional, What I Can Do For You


  • I simplify the whole process of getting the mortgage that is right for you.  I will provide unbiased advice so you get the right mortgage with the best terms and features and at the lowest rate possible
  • My options are totally objective.  Since I don’t work for a lender, I am not motivated to lead you in only one direction.  I will analyze your needs, then provide you with the various options on your mortgag
  • When I say I work for you, I mean it.  I will do all the preparation and negotiating, so you can concentrate on making your move go smoothly.  We will meet to discuss your needs when and where you like, at your office or home or my office and I offer flexible hours.  Or, we can handle everything via phone or email, if you prefer.  I will take the time to explain all the terms until you are completely comfortable.
  • The cost of arranging financing, in the majority of cases, is paid by the lending institution, so you can benefit from my expertise without any additional costs
  • I deal with a number of different lenders, and therefore you benefit from a whole array of products to suit your individual needs as opposed to being restricted to just one institutions product.  I work for you, not the company I work for
  • I use my expertise and work hard with attention to detail to make sure your mortgage experience goes as smoothly as possible and that your mortgage closes on time by ensuring that all documentation is provided to the lending institution and your solicitor
  • I have relationships with an excellent group of industry professionals to ensure you receive the best service and pricing
  • By being aware of all the guidelines of various lenders, I can place your mortgage with the most suitable lender depending on your unique situation, as not every borrower is the same
  • Getting a mortgage can be extremely stressful, so I provide excellent customer service by always keep you apprised of what is happening with your mortgage application.  I give this same attention to the communication with all parties involved in the transaction
  • When I do a pre-approval, I request all the information up front to ensure when you go looking to purchase a property, you know exactly what amount you will be approved for.  Especially when dealing with clients in their own business, what you make and what you declare are two totally different scenarios.  When you receive a pre-approval from your Bank, they typically base their approval on the information you provide
  • The mortgage product you choose needs to suit all your needs.  The perfect mortgage is not just about the interest rate but there are many factors to consider.  You need to be able to rely on your mortgage professional for their knowledge and expertise of the marketplace
  • I offer a 45 minute complimentary consultation to help individuals determine how much they can afford, do an affordability analysis & educate them on the mortgage process & how to save money or restructure their financing