About Colleen

My name is Colleen Saunders and I have over 30 years experience in the Financial Industry.  During my successful career with The Royal Bank, helping people with their finances was the one area that had given me the greatest professional and personal satisfaction.  I realized the people that could really utilize my expertise were the clients that did not fit the bank’s lending criteria.  These clients actually fit into the area of ‘alternative mortgage financing.’  I then established my own business as a Mortgage Agent.   It gives me great pleasure to help clients relieve the financial stress in their lives by either restructuring their finances and saving money or if purchasing a home, going through each and every step to make the best financial decision.  

When I purchased my first home, we struggled financially for the first number of years because we just weren’t aware of all the costs involved in carrying a home, keeping your spending in check and not using your credit cards to pay for items.  I have learnt from personal experience what not to do!!  My gift is in offering clarity and peace of mind around your money.   Having been divorced, widowed and a single parent, I know first-hand what pressures my clients deal with day to day.  I have been fortunate enough to have learned resiliency from these life lessons and have been able to inspire others to grow from life’s challenges.  In 2015, I won the Company Of Women “Woman Of Inspiration Award”.  I bring this gift of compassion and understanding into my business to work with my clients and their finances.  I love to give back to society and I know that people that have faced adversity could truly benefit from my life experiences.  I wasn’t the person I am today before I faced adversity and it has totally changed my life.  Now I understand and want to help make other people’s lives just a little easier. I treat everyone with Compassion, Respect, Integrity and Professionalism   It is incredibly important that each and every client have a great experience in their dealings with me because the greatest compliment is the referral of family and friends

The following are the services that I offer:

1.   I will help you restructure your debts or if you are looking to purchase a home, I can prepare an affordability analysis.
2.   One of our biggest sources of stress is money.  I educate clients on the mortgage process and how to save money.
3.   There is usually no cost to you as in most situations, the lender pays me a referral fee.
4.   I offer independent advice as I am not selling just one lenders product, I work with a number of different lending institutions, so I will find you the best rate & terms based on your needs.
5.   I offer a 45 minute complimentary financial assessment to discuss your finances in the comfort of your home, office or my office in a confidential setting at a time convenient to you.
6.   I provide a weekly educational newsletter with industry information, rate changes, changes in legislation and articles of interest that clients will find informative.

I can arrange mortgage financing on a variety of properties in the Province of Ontario  

  1. First Time Buyer
  2. Refinancing
  3. Alternative financing
  4. Bank turn down
  5. Debt consolidation
  6. Poor Credit
  7. Divorced: payout ex spouse’s interest in the home
  8. Widow/Widower: debt consolidation/enable you to stay in your home
  9. Bridge Financing
  10. Mortgage renewals
  11. Lines of credit
  12. Investment properties
  13. 2nd homes
  14. Cottages

I utilize the services of a wide variety of non-traditional lenders who do not have the same stringent financing rules as the big banks!  


Volunteer Experience: Lighthouse Grief For Children, Heartache2Hope, CYAN (Community Youth In Action Network, Victim Services