Colleen Saunders

Mortgage Professional

Mortage Agent, Licence #M08002736
The Mortgage Department Corporation, Licence #10585

Current Best Rates


1 yr3.19%3.59%
2 yr3.19%3.74%
3 yr2.99%3.89
4 yr2.79%3.94%
5 yr2.69%4.99%
10 yr3.69%6.10%

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What’s The Difference?

I am doing a survey and would really appreciate your feedback. If you were looking to purchase a home or refinance your mortgage, what would you do? Would you go directly to your Bank or would you call a Mortgage Agent? I have assumed that people knew the difference...

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Are You Familiar With These Terms?

For most of us, purchasing a home will be the largest investment we ever make. In a recent Government Survey, most Canadians don't understand their mortgage or the terms of their mortgage. More than half surveyed failed to identify what a mortgage term, amortization...

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Financial Empowerment

I work with many clients to improve their lives by relieving their financial stress and empowering them with their finances. By restructuring their mortgage, finding the best solution for the long term so they can thrive moving forward. How can I achieve this? With my...

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Have The Conversation!

Why is it we can talk about any subject but money.  I have had referrals lately going through divorce and for 50% of the couples, their troubles started with financial stress in their marriage. We can give intimate details about our health issues, relationships, the...

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What Would You Do?

If you applied for a mortgage and were declined by your bank, what would you do? Most homeowners aren't aware of what we call 'Alternative Lenders'. Everyone presumes that they qualify for the best-discounted rates and no lender fees because that was how the market...

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