A big part of the problem is people just don’t have the time to learn how to make the systems work for them, other priorities take precedence over having to learn something new, again.  We are continually having to learn new computer systems and we are overwhelmed by having to digest something else!

Here are some simple suggestions:

  • Make time twice a month to sit down with your banking to pay your bills and reconcile what monies are coming in and what is going out
  • Have your deposits (i.e. pensions) put on automatic deposits and it will save you time instead of having to personally deposit these cheques
  • Put your utilities and other payments on automatic withdrawal and this will ensure that these bills are paid on time
  • Go to your bank and ask them to explain what it is that you don’t understand about the banking system
  • Take a hard look at what it is costing you in bank charges (i.e. NSF fees) by not being in control of your banking balances

I still use an old school chequebook and record what comes in and out of my account. If you don’t have a running tally of what funds are available, how can you know if your payment will be honoured? I would be happy to show you how to set up a chequebook.

If I can clarify anything for you, please call me and take advantage of my many years working within the banking system!

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