In light of the Holiday Season, the season of giving, I wanted to share a fabulous TEDx Talk by Michael Jr., a comedian who discusses how comedy and laughter occur through a setup, then a punchline and how this can be applied to life.

He shows how to use the setbacks or handicaps in your life, how to embrace these setbacks and how they will present opportunities today.  Instead of looking to get laughs from people, he had a change of mindset to look for opportunities to give laughs to people and how his life changed.

Michael happened to notice a homeless person on the street after a show and instead of looking for laughs, he thought about this person and how could he give this homeless person some laughs.  That small change opened up his whole world.  He now visits homeless shelters, prisons, abuse centres for children making opportunities for laughter.  Instead of getting, he gives these opportunities to others.

He states, this is how life works.  You have your setup, your talents, resources and opportunities and mostly we use our setup to move people in the direction that serves us.  The punchline occurs when we change that direction to what people weren’t expecting.  Use your setup for other people and the results are the same yet multiplied.  Revelation, fulfillment and joy but not just for the one receiving your punchline but absolutely for you while you are delivering your punchline.  Your setup is about what you have received but what is your punchline, what is your call to deliver. You say to yourself “If I could just get this or that, always wanting more then I will be happier, it never ends and you will continue living in an uncomfortable place.

You need to find your give, your punchline and then deliver.  You can change your mindset and help people achieve their desired destination.  Walk in your purpose!

Check it out:

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