“I would highly recommend Colleen’s services. She is a wise problem solver & I am so grateful for the sense of security I felt during the process of arranging my mortgage. I had feelings of shame around my financial situation, but Colleen’s empathy just melted them away…now I refer to her as my Mortgage Angel!” Susan S.

“Colleen handled our mortgage application efficiently and professionally. She is very knowledgeable, personable and empathetic. She listened to our needs and concerns and made us both feel at ease with the process. I highly recommend Colleen if you are in the market for a mortgage – she will provide a great rate and excellent service!” BR

I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank you for all you have done through your quick and efficient response to my request. As said before you are really on the ball and I loved doing business with you.
I look forward to your helpful expertise when I finally want to get the house off my hands.  I am happy to have met you as you have a huge amount of knowledge that I will need once I sell the house and may want to look at a bank foreclosure home that often sells for much less.  Or you may have other investment advise for me to help me move into retirement with but we will talk when the time comes.  Just thankful to you as my Christmas can have a bit of cheer to it this year.  I hereby wish you a very Happy Christmas and New Year

“When my husband became ill, we fell behind in all our payments, we didn’t know what we were going to do. Colleen was recommended to us and she arranged a private mortgage for us and not only paid out all our debts but actually reduced our monthly payments. We thank the day we met Colleen as she literally saved our lives. There was no way we could move with my husband’s condition and the stress we were living under was delaying his recovery. When everyone else gave up on us, Colleen believed in us and we will be forever grateful.” FK

“I met Colleen at a networking event and we became instant friends as we have a lot in common. I have been a single mom for a very long time and 4 years ago I became self-employed. Unfortunately that it makes it difficult to get a mortgage on your own. I have nicknamed Colleen my Guardian Angel. She has been absolutely amazing in helping me get my mortgage. Her knowledge and ongoing support helped keep the process calm, pleasant and worry-free.” DS
“When we bought our home, our Real Estate agent referred us to Colleen. She made the whole process so simple and effortless. It was an absolute pleasure dealing with Colleen and I have since referred a few of my friends to her. She is a real professional, thanks for everything you did for us.” JP
“My wife was going thru chemo and we got behind on our payments, as the very expensive drugs required were not covered under our plan. Our financial planner referred us to Colleen and she was able to consolidate all of our debts into our mortgage after our Bank turned us down. With everything else we were dealing with, our debts and mortgage were not high on our priority list, so Colleen took care of everything for us. I don’t know what we would have done without her thoroughness and compassion during this horrible stage of our lives.” SF
“When I started my own business I had a ton of contracts but then the recession hit and people couldn’t pay me. I went to my Bank but they said I didn’t have a proven track record and would not lend me the money. My banker referred me to Colleen and she got me a 2nd mortgage to tide me through the rough times. I have since gotten through the rough times but I still use Colleen to arrange all my mortgages, you don’t forget people that help you when you are down.” RK
“We used Colleen to arrange our construction financing when we demolished our home and built our dream home. The Bank would only let us do 4 draws and we needed a lot more because of the way we are paid. It was a little more expensive but definitely worth it. Now we have our beautiful home and have referred some of our friends when they need someone that will get the job done.” OK

“Thank you for helping my daughter buy her first house. She didn’t know anything about mortgages and we really appreciate you patience to teach her about what they are all about and how to budget. You gave her all she needs to know about taking care of her mortgage and how to pay it off as early as possible. She hasn’t always been the best of savers but she sure is keen about saving money now. Again, thank you for taking so much of your time.” CL

“Colleen Saunders is the most efficient, knowledgeable and effective mortgage specialist I have had the good fortune of representing me. Her commitment to providing capable and practical results in a well-timed manner not only impressed me, but helped me at a crucial and ambitious point in my life. Colleen consistently takes the time to ask about myself and those closest to me – a reminder that I am more than just another client to her. I have insufficient words to express my gratitude.” Sincerely, Dr. Linda Moroziuk

“Colleen is an incredible mortgage specialist and advocate for her clients. Her wealth of knowledge and focus on relationship truly help maximize best individualized solutions and overall rates. With a heart and commitment for people and our community, Colleen is always going above and beyond to truly make a difference.” Erin McAllister

“Colleen is an awesome mortgage specialist and she is very detail orientated. She looks at all the possible options you have a find a solution that is perfect for you. Not only is she very knowledgeable, she actually care a lot about her clients and that is a rare quality!
I would strongly recommend Colleen for any of your mortgage needs! Thank you.” Elizabeth