Do you feel at the end of the day that you have accomplished a number of items but failed to come up with creative ideas or feel overwhelmed and frustrated about failing to achieve targets?  I have attached an article shared by Lynda Davidson of LD Business Focus, who is a Business Services & Efficiency expert.

The article describes how whether your tasks are creative or solve problems, you can stay creative and work towards your goals consistently through the power of correct prioritization.  It is called The Scales Method!

It is as simple as 10 minutes of planning, setting your goal, align your tasks with your goal and measure your task’s importance by its cost and benefit!  By measuring your cost and benefit, it will help you set more realistic priorities and time lines and putting the low benefit tasks to the bottom of the list!

For us business owners, this method would really help with the bottom line, work on the income generators and leave the emails and other lowly tasks where they belong, at the bottom of the list and free up valuable time!

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