April 23, 2018


Boost Your Results, Reduce Your Hours

Apr 3, 2018

In his book Extreme Productivity:  Boost Your Results, Reduce Your Hours author Robert Pozen reveals his secrets and strategies for productivity and high performance, focusing on results produced rather than simply hours worked. Pozen lays out 6 steps to analyze whether your efforts are supporting your most critical business goals and objectives. We all rush from meeting to meeting or various activities without giving much thought to the rationale for our hectic schedules. We spend too little time on activities that support our highest goals and have a serious mismatch between priorities and time allocations.  Think carefully about why you are engaging…

Which Debt Should You Eliminate First!

Apr 3, 2018

It has always been a dilemma of whether you should use any excess cash to contribute to your RRSP or pay down your mortgage.  The current economic equation has recently tilted in favour of paying down debts vs. building up assets.  The current interest earned from GICs, term deposits and government bonds remains pathetically low.  At current deposit rates of less than 1%, it takes 72 years to double your retirement nest egg. Here is how to think about the trade off between paying down your mortgage versus saving in your RRSP.  Every dollar you don’t contribute to your investment portfolio…

Mortgages From Alternative Lenders

Apr 2, 2018

You have been turned down by your bank for mortgage financing, is there no other alternative?  What are you supposed to do?  Not consolidate your debts or complete your renovations or purchase that investment property or cottage?  Not to be concerned, there are other options. Maybe you own your own business or you have had credit problems in the past, just because your bank cannot do the financing, there are what they call Alternative Lenders available and I deal with them all the time.  Some of these alternative lenders are actually Schedule B banks. It will most likely cost you…