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1 yr3.49%4.34%
2 yr3.49%4.34%
3 yr3.54%4.15%
4 yr3.54%4.89%
5 yr3.59%5.34%
10 yr4.89%6.60%

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Great Book Written Right Here In Oakville

I recently had the pleasure of not only reading but meeting the author Plum Johnson of the book “They Left Us Everything.”  Plum uses humour, wit and honesty to portray why family history is important to understand your past and how to move forward with your family...

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It Is Still Possible For Self Employed

I was recently asked how are 'Business For Self' people going to be able to qualify for a mortgage under the new financing rules.  If you have to prove that you can service the mortgage from your income but do not declare all your income due to the offset of expenses...

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Bequeathing Money To Family Out Of Country

This is a very complicated topic but one that needs consideration if you intend to bequeath money to anyone overseas or in the USA. You also need to plan your estate knowing that possibly a family member may one day relocate to another county or the USA. It is very...

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Do You Know Your Why?

Do you ever ask yourself why you selected the business you are in or why you are employed by a particular employer in a particular industry?  I have asked myself this question on many occasions and a few months back, finally got an answer!  When I was employed with...

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Should You Take Equity From Your Home?

We all come to a point in our lives when we may need to refinance our mortgage to invest in a major purchase, home renovation, investment, emergency or consolidate outstanding debts.  The interest rates on mortgages are much less than borrowing via another vehicle....

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