September 21, 2017


What Hosts And Guests Need To Know About Short Term Rentals

Jul 18, 2017

You are thinking of renting your home, condo or cottage on Airbnb, and Homeaway but what are the legal implications for both the hosts and guests.  These include local regulations, liability insurance coverage and protecting yourself from scams. The following tips will help you avoid common problems and make informed decisions. Are you permitted to rent or sublet your property? Local laws vary on short-term rentals. Some cities have sought to limit these rentals to preserve tax revenue. Before you consider hosting, check the local laws. If you are part of a homeowner’s association (HOA) you will need to…

Watch Out, Tighter Mortgage Lending May Still Be Coming

Jul 11, 2017

When will it stop!  After all the changes implemented to cool the housing market and reduce consumer debt, more tightening may still be coming.  Wouldn’t you think that the Ministry of Finance and OSFI would wait to see the impact before implementing more changes? The recent changes targeted insured mortgages.  Now the Bank of Canada has identified the uninsured mortgage market as the next place to make tougher regulations. The first measure that is likely being considered is related to Home Equity Lines of Credit (HELOCs). This is clear for two reasons. First, because the Bank of Canada believes that…

Mindful Money Tips

Jun 27, 2017

Why is it we can talk about any subject but money.  We can give intimate details about our health issues, relationships, the bedroom but not our money situation. Why is there so much shame and guilt around our finances?  We are always looking in the past, we should have done this or if only we had done that.  Only look back to learn from the past, not to blame or berate ourselves.  Look forward with the goal to empower yourself on how to change in order to give youself the life you want. Here are some tips on how financially…