May 26, 2018


Steps To Help You Save Towards Purchasing A Home

May 1, 2018

Possibly you don’t own a home but you would now like to start saving towards a down payment to purchase a home.  The first thing you need to do is eliminate your debts to start your savings. Here are some suggestions to take control of your debts: Assess Your Situation:  Take an honest look at what you owe, the interest rates and the terms of repayment and document everything Set Goals:  Take some time to work out your short, medium and long-term financial goals i.e. in 1 year you may want to pay off all your debts, in 2 years you may…

Pre-Qualified or Pre-Approval?

Apr 25, 2018

With the spring housing market heating up, you may want to make an offer on a house without a condition on financing.  I wanted to clarify how to receive a valid Pre-Approval.  I have had 2 referrals lately that told me that they had been pre-approved for their mortgage, when in fact it was as good as the paper it wasn’t written on! Typically, when you go to your lending institution stating you are buying &/or selling a home, they will take your basic information, crunch some numbers and tell you what amount you qualify for.  Unfortunately, this is not…

Boost Your Results, Reduce Your Hours

Apr 18, 2018

In his book Extreme Productivity:  Boost Your Results, Reduce Your Hours author Robert Pozen reveals his secrets and strategies for productivity and high performance, focusing on results produced rather than simply hours worked. Pozen lays out 6 steps to analyze whether your efforts are supporting your most critical business goals and objectives. We all rush from meeting to meeting or various activities without giving much thought to the rationale for our hectic schedules. We spend too little time on activities that support our highest goals and have a serious mismatch between priorities and time allocations.  Think carefully about why you are engaging…