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1 yr3.29%3.99%
2 yr3.32%3.84%
3 yr2.96%3.99%
4 yr3.24%3.94%
5 yr3.09%5.34%
10 yr4.35%6.10%

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This Is Worth Investigating

If you own a home, you are probably familiar with Title Insurance.  Well, I read something very interesting the other day that I wanted to share with you.  It stated that there are 2 types of Title Insurance.  Basically a general coverage that covers the purchaser and...

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Beyond The Basics!

Happy New Year!!  As we are all completing our personal and business goal setting, I would like to ask you to add one item "enhance your financial knowledge" to the list.  I met a woman this week that relies on her husband for all financial decisions and it just...

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Walk In Your Purpose!

In light of the Holiday Season, the season of giving, I wanted to share a fabulous TEDx Talk by Michael Jr., a comedian who discusses how comedy and laughter occur through a setup, then a punchline and how this can be applied to life. He shows how to use the setbacks...

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Can Children Spend Money Too Easily?

Over the past month I have had a number of conversations with clients on the subject of children and money.  These children range from 6-36 years old!  One of the pieces is how the digital age and our cashless society is impacting our children and this subject makes...

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Are You Driving Your Bookkeeper Crazy?

For all the entrepreneurs, solopreneurs and business owners out there, I recently read a post post that had some great info and humour and would like to share with you, it may save you some money at the bookkeepers! The Coffee Claimer. Meals and Entertainment expenses...

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Do You Wonder: Can I Still Purchase A Home?

As a Independent Mortgage Agent, I have had the pleasure of working with young couples to arrange the mortgage financing on their home purchases.  With all the negative information and the ridiculous home prices today, it makes you wonder will the Gen X and...

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