November 25, 2017


Window Of Opportunity

Oct 25, 2017

Dear friends, I am writing to give you a heads up of the impact of changes coming to the mortgage industry.  Are you considering refinancing your mortgage?  Come January 1, 2018, that window of opportunity will be closed!!  Let me explain the impact this will have on you, your family and friends. The most impactful change is to the refinance market.  Let’s say you want to consolidate your mortgage and other debts into 1 mortgage, take equity out of your home for investment, home renovations or purchase another property.  Currently, you would qualify on the rate you receive but with the…

Mortgages Are Incredibly Personal!

Sep 27, 2017

Mortgages are incredibly personal and it is important to do your research and know what suits your income level and your lifestyle.  You need to know your pre-payment options with the goal to be able to exercise these options to reduce your mortgage. Within the mortgage industry, there are 2 groups of people that determine what interest term they will select.  Group 1 takes a keen interest in following what is happening in the industry, the economy, the bond market, the world market and it’s impact on our economy.  The second group selects what they think is the right term…

Owning A Home Is Still An Option!

Sep 20, 2017

As a Independent Mortgage Agent, I have had the pleasure of working with young couples to arrange the mortgage financing on their home purchases.  With all the negative information and the ridiculous home prices today, it makes you wonder will the Gen X and the Millennials ever be able to purchase a home?  Are we moving into a generation of raising our families from rental premises?  I don’t think so, I think there are still options and we just need to explore them together. I can help you with your mortgage and remove all the wonder, worry, concern and stress and…