Recently I was in a car accident and my vehicle was written off. A tandem truck tried to run through my vehicle! This is how far he pushed me forward with my foot on the brake. I am okay, just a whiplash, it could have been so much worse and I actually saw my life pass before my eyes. I have never been in an accident before so everything was new to me.

After calling 911, I tried to reach my insurance company at least 4 times but was ‘waiting in the cue’. A very nice person remained at the scene who was a part time firefighter so I assumed he was just a helpful person. Turns out he was a tow truck driver and next thing I know, he has my car hooked up and we are off to his storage unit in Orangeville. We arrive and guess what, there is a new Mercedes there waiting for me as my rental car. Another very nice fellow and what great customer service, or so I thought! I finally reach the insurance company and they negotiate on a daily rate.

I am told the rate does not warrant this car so a different vehicle will be swapped the following week. I get a call the end of the week and they are bringing me a new car. I receive a Mazda 3 which we shall call a piece of junk. The interior console is broken, the side panels are broken and while driving the car, I was cut off and guess what, no horn! I speak to the car rental company in Mississauga and they still expect me to drive this heap back to them and I say I am not putting one foot in this deathtrap.

Turns out I was majorly scammed and sad to say that this is typical behaviour between tow trucks and car rental companies. The insurance company had to get a lawyer involved because the Tow Truck Company would not release my vehicle. It is all about money and they were charging storage fees.

It is so difficult to know what to do as you are in shock after an accident. So, what advice would I give? Only use the tow truck and car rental companies that your insurance company recommends and switch insurance companies if they are not available to answer your call in an emergency. Also, all those nice people that are there to help you, find out what part they play in your scenario. Please share with anyone you think would find this helpful, particularly your children. Best to be prepared should you find yourself in this situation as all this made an already difficult situation overwhelming!

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