August 16, 2018

Identity Theft

Identity-Theft-Prevention-300x225A few days back, I received an email from someone stating “Direct Deposit Payment Confirmation, On Line Payroll Service”.  Shortly thereafter, I saw an article on Identity Theft and Fraud Prevention.  I took this as a sign for today’s blog!

I was recently at the dentist and had enquired from my Insurance Company how to claim benefits, so even though it went against my better judgement, I opened the email.  Not surprisingly, I could not open the attachment, however, everything appears to be fine.  I am now alert for anything different on my computer or in my accounts.

We live in/with too much information and we leave ourselves open for victims of fraud.  Look at all the personal info people post to Facebook.  We tell everyone where we are, where we have been, where we were born, our children’s names, where we work.  We are leaving ourselves open to identity theft.

Identity theft is an unfortunate part of life but there are ways to stop identity thieves in their tracks.  The easiest way to reduce the risk of ID theft is to become more active in prevention and some basic knowledge of your rights and common sense reminders.  Reduce your risk of becoming a victim.

What did I learn today?  Again, to trust my first instinct, if I don’t know the email sender, block and delete.  And, if there are spelling errors, definitely delete immediately!!  Sometimes we just need a reminder.

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