I have never personally experienced those nasty calls from Collection Agencies however many of my clients have and I have heard of the verbal abuse they have been subjected to. It is plain wrong, there is no reason you should have to listen to that type of abuse. Every week, hundreds of thousands of Canadians receive collection calls.

So the first question should be, why are they calling you? Do you owe them money? If you do, you need to deal with it and have a plan. Do you need to hire a lawyer to negotiate a debt settlement or possibly look at a Consumer Proposal to negotiate with all your creditors? You need some options because they are not going to go away.

However, there are also policies in place to protect the public and some collection agencies hire lawyers that are dealing in illegal behaviours i.e. sending out draft ‘Statement Of Claim’ (sample attached) and people believe they are being sued. It is a scare tactic and you can tell it is fake because it says “Draft“, does not have a court file number or a court date.

If you are dealing with an unprofessional collection agency, you can send a Cease & Desist letter to whomever is harassing you or you can stop these collectors from calling you at work.

If you want more information, there is a lawyer that represents consumers struggling with debt. I have not personally used him but I really like what he has to say. Here is his latest blog: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/five-scenarios-when-canadian-can-stop-collection-mark-silverthorn/