Possibly you or someone you know is going through the difficult process of separation or divorce.  I have spoken to a number of people over the past few months contemplating divorce, separation or break up.  After they have made the decision that the relationship is not working for them, the next question they need clarification on is the financial aspects.  The mortgage, the division of assets and will I be okay financially.

Lately I have heard some very shocking stories pertaining to common law relationships.  It is totally different from a marriage and my take away is if you are going to live common law, make sure you have a iron clad agreement in place.

I have heard some heart wrenching stories where one of the spouses expects to put the house up for sale without their partners permission, turning the children against one of the partners, moving in with a lover on the same street and on and on.

From making the decision that things won’t change and I just cannot live this way anymore to planning the difficult conversation to the actual conversation that the relationship is over to will I be okay.  Do I have the financial, emotional, the support system and what about the children.  Will the change that I am looking at be worse than being in the relationship or should I consider marital counselling or a mediator and make this marriage better?

It’s about a lot more than money and I can help people with some clarification about their mortgage, personal experience with separation and divorce and dealing with other clients in similar situations.  To help through this process, I have attached a link to 3 Divorce Mediation Podcasts that could be very helpful by Mutual Solutions, Divorce Consultants in Toronto with Eva Sachs, Certified Divorce Financial Analyst and Marion Korn, Lawyer Mediator.

If I can help you or someone you know through this difficult journey, please contact me.

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