July 17, 2018

Bikers Escort Bullied 10 Year Old To School

Bullying is a huge problem today.  I came upon this article and thought what a beautiful message to share to start off the 2018 New Year.

Xander’s mother said her son, who is indigenous, has been the target of racial slurs, insults about his looks and even death threats by other students.  The recent spate of teen suicides in Nova Scotia, with three young people dying by suicide in a span of six months, made the mother concerned for her child’s safety.

Imagine the 10 year old in Nova Scotia being depressed from being bullied every day at school and arriving to school flanked by two lines of tough-looking bikers clad in leather delivering the message ‘bullying is not okay’.  Xander’s said “It’s good, because I think from me getting all this help and support, I can also spread it to help others.”

If Xander can reach out and make a difference knowing he has the support of his new biker friends, think of the opportunities that arise every day where we could support any person that is being bullied, depressed or just lonely.  All we need to do is reach out and we could all make a world of difference.


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