Have you ever been declined for a mortgage?  It feels horrible.  It brings up those ‘not good enough’ feelings and makes you feel unworthy.  I have worked with many clients in this position and I offer them alternative financing so they can move forward with their life, their finances and start a savings program.

Getting turned down by the banks these days is far more common place then it was decades ago. With tighter rules, not everyone can fit the formula to get approved at the banks.

The most common reason for being turned down is an applicant’s credit score with the second biggest reason being your source of income.  Possibly you are on commission, own your own business and do not show the income necessary to carry your mortgage and other debts.  Possibly you are carrying too much debt.  I can provide you with alternatives and options and possibly arrange a 2nd mortgage to consolidate all your debt to improve your overall credit score.  In the process, you will receive a far more attractive interest rate and reduce your monthly payments.  I look at the whole picture and find you the best alternative and options to help you get back on track.

Possibly you would like to start saving towards purchasing a home.  The first thing you need to do is eliminate your debts to start your savings.

Get Some Help:  If your debt situation is too overwhelming to deal with alone, contact a non-profit credit counselling service that can help you with your strategies.  Credit Counsellors can contact your creditors and have them either reduce or eliminate the interest you are paying.  If you can’t manage that, the next step is to see a bankruptcy trustee.  If you are not sure what to do, I am very experienced in this area and can give you some direction.