July 17, 2018

Do You Have Anxiety Around Money?

Did you know that 7 out of 10 people worry about their financial situation.  Those gnawing feelings that creep in, clutter your mind and cause anxiety with regrets on what you should have done!  One of the biggest problems with financial stress is we feel we can’t talk about it because we will be judged.  So, we leave it in the closet and maybe, just maybe it will go away.  Unfortunately it won’t and if anything, it will probably get worse.

Here are some suggestions find relief around your money:

  1. Face facts: We tend to simply ignore things that stress us out.  The first positive step is to address your concerns, then you can form a game plan towards healthy finances.
  2. Get help: Many people worsen their stress because they’re too ashamed of their financial situation to get help.  Take charge and get back in control.
  3. Ask questions:  Make sure that you ask questions of whichever resource you utilize
  4. Make it a family affair: Talk to your family about your financial concerns.  It will reduce the stress on everyone around you.  You may be surprised at the support and helpfulness of the whole family once you’re all on the same page.
  5. Know how much money you spend: and where you spend it is the biggest key to taking control of your finances.

This is what I do as a Mortgage Agent.  I bring peace and calm into my clients lives by restructuring their mortgage, coming up with a budget with the goal towards savings and reducing the stress in their lives.

Colleen Saunders is a 20 year veteran in the mortgage industry, serving Oakville, Mississauga, Burlington and Toronto and offers all mortgage related services such as 1st and 2nd mortgages, private mortgages and more.

To contact Colleen, please fill out the form on  www.mortgagesbycolleen.ca  or call 416-459-2406