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Mortage Agent, Licence #M08002736
The Mortgage Department Corporation, Licence #10585

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1 yr3.59%3.64%
2 yr3.19%3.89%
3 yr2.89%4.45%
4 yr3.14%4.49%
5 yr2.79%5.19%
10 yr3.70%6.20%

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Have The Conversation!

Why is it we can talk about any subject but money.  I have had referrals lately going through divorce and for 50% of the couples, their troubles started with financial stress in their marriage. We can give intimate details about our health issues, relationships, the...

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What Would You Do?

If you applied for a mortgage and were declined by your bank, what would you do? Most homeowners aren't aware of what we call 'Alternative Lenders'. Everyone presumes that they qualify for the best-discounted rates and no lender fees because that was how the market...

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E-Transfer Fraud

Did you know that in the Bank's fine print they are not responsible for e-transfer fraud? Financial institutions market the convenience of e-transfers and make claims in bold print that the system is safe. In the small print or buried in online agreements, they...

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What About Your Banking?

A big part of the problem is people just don’t have the time to learn how to make the systems work for them, other priorities take precedence over having to learn something new, again.  We are continually having to learn new computer systems and we are overwhelmed by...

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It Was Pretty Devastating!

Recently I was in a car accident and my vehicle was written off. A tandem truck tried to run through my vehicle! This is how far he pushed me forward with my foot on the brake. I am okay, just a whiplash, it could have been so much worse and I actually saw my life...

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Are Marriage And Common-Law The Same?

More Canadians are electing to live Common-Law than ever before, especially the 2nd time around, I did it! But do you have the same rights as being married? The quick answer is no, financial and estate planning becomes much more complicated. In regards to real estate...

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